So glad To See you...

Hey there, thanks for visiting! I'm a Mom-tog who's worked in Higher Education for a bit over 10 years.  I'm Rhode Island raised, but call a small coastal town in Massachusetts, home. I love to bop around and look for any excuse to travel. It's a little sappy, but stick with me; I'm super into meeting new people and hearing 'their stories'. Honestly, lets sit, talk, tell me about you. Like...EVERYTHING! I went to college a million years ago to study Psychology and then Advertising (hence asking for your life's history) and I've been exposed to the photography industry for more than a decade. I've got a feisty kindergartener who keeps me hopping and I wouldn't have it any other way. Life's an adventure; let's capture some of those memories together!  



I typically work on location using natural light. My focus is on children and families; lots of love and giggles to be found! I offer full-service affordable photography with a fun twist. My shoots are often times more like a play-date, as the sillier and more comfortable times, are THE BEST ones. I love getting to know my clients, its the best way to capture who you are and it shines through in the photos. That's what we're after...after all! I'm really glad that you visited and hope to chat with you more!